Turn New Customers
Into Loyal Customers
Having been at the forefront of Customer Loyalty Management Systems since 1992 we are a well-established and trusted brand.

Our Range Of Services



Increasing customer loyalty will bring security to your business by ensuring that customers benefit from returning and recommending your store to friends, family and work colleagues.


ORD can help you achieve the maximum potential for each promotion, while streamlining your company’s costs making you more efficient and your customer even happier.  



We can work with you to use our user friendly server so that it is easy for your customers to sign up on line and also for them to access their points balance and special promotions direct from your website.

Simply sign up your customer and
we take care of all the rest.

Giving you the time to focus on doing what you do best, and giving customers a great value service.
Customer Loyalty Solutions

Having been at the forefront of Customer Loyalty Management Systems since 1992 we are a well-established and trusted brand. Our main aim is to enable you to increase sales revenue and grow your customer base; having supported many well-known businesses we pride ourselves in quality. Whilst developing your customer base we will share our knowledge and understanding of your customers with you. We will be able to highlight to you who, when and how much your customers spend in your business. Thus enabling you to establish a complete understanding of your customers and build a successful marketing plan to drive your business forward.  We will assist you to build customer loyalty through targeted Reward Schemes and Birthday clubs. 

Direct Mailing and Fulfilment

The flexibility that the ORD offers is second to none, taking on such a wide range of businesses makes us unique, and nowhere else would you experience such flexibility. We value each and every one of our customers’ views and will adapt to their specifications. The fact that we can accommodate any volume from 50 to 500,000 customers this gives your businesses the potential for sudden growth.  Further benefits consist of you having the choice of paper based or digital information.    

Statistics and Data Analysis

Describing the Sales Data as the life blood of the company really does ring true. Without this raw data it would be impossible to gather the thoughts of your customers. At ORD we use two methods of data collection, the first being EPOS (Electric Point of Sale) or we are able to collect data through our own standalone Customer Loyalty Terminals. These systems give us the ability to collect the same data as the EPOS system was collecting. A Standalone terminal is the answer to businesses without EPOS.    

Sales Data Polling

Once the raw data is collected this is when the analytics begin. Our detailed analysis of sales and buying trends can help you with targeted and structured marketing campaigns, based on Age, gender, buying habits and more.  We help you understand the impact each piece of promotion activity has on your business. At ORD we pride ourselves with high levels of customer service and will consequently do everything we can to benefit your business.